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UniWorks MES Suite

“UniWorksTM WIP” is the core of Unicom’s “UniWorksTM MES Suite” products, which is a complete Manufacturing Execution System designed based on Unicom 20 years of consulting experiences on manufacturing management and factory automation fields. “UniWorksTM WIP” is built to support a broad diversity of manufacturing industries and processes, from discrete assembly to batch process, from labor-intensive shop floor to highly automated fab. It provides a great variety of structured function modules and friendly User Interfaces. “UniWorksTM WIP” ensures the right procedures, operators, equipment and materials are being used, at in the right sequence at the right time, provides complete Product/WIP Traceability, Genealogy. It also provides multi-dimensional performance reports to help the management easily track management results and make accurate decisions.

Built with excellent scalability and flexibility and can be deployed within a short period of time
User-defined components can be easily integrated to the system to meet industry-specific or customer-specific functional requirements.
Highly configurable and easy to maintain
Provides friendly User Interface which designed specifically for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong area.
Adopts open SOA (service-oriented architecture) to integrate easily with other enterprise applications and shop floor automation.