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UniWorks™ SPC is a comprehensive, real-time, Web-based SPC software package, providing secure, restricted access to customers, off-site managers, or sales personnel. It is especially designed for the plant floor to simplify the SPC tasks, including data collection, calculation, monitoring and charting, into easy number entry and mouse clicks. UniWorks™ SPC is also outstanding for its flexibility and can easily translate the quality data on the plant floor into decision critical information.



A versatile web-based Statistical Process Control software solution with no end-user installations required.
Provides secure web-based connectivity for distributing selected information to internal or external customers, suppliers, or field reps.
Complies with general plant-floor operation and international standard.
Built-in multilingual support, providing English, Japanese, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese and allowed to add other languages for international implementation.
Real-time data entry and analysis for Variable, Attribute, Histogram/Inspection chart types to provide instant feedback and response to process problems.
Provides excellent system performance by adopting techniques such as multi-threaded, pre-calculating in the background and presents short response times even under a stressful situation of dealing large amount of data receiving from multiple measurement devices in the same time.
Provides open connectivity that can gather data from lots of sources, including many types of gauging devices, intelligent devices, intelligent controllers, and software applications.
Sends E-mail alerts to engineers or management as soon as data collected are out of control or specifications.
Enhance enterprise connectivity through seamless integration with SQL Server or Oracle Database.