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UniWorks ™ ALM is a web-based Alarm Management System which can send alarm messages to responsible personnel through SMS, email, and/or email when a monitored critical event happens. It allows the user to quickly identify and address problems to reduce or avoid loss and damages through real-time viewing and automatic alarm mechanism. The software is built by open technology standards; including service oriented architecture, SQL Server and Oracle support, and other ICT technologies, and has the ability to connect to almost any control systems.


Is a web-based software package and can be shared by different plants, different branch offices in different location, within an enterprise.
Can serve as a common alarm management platform for all control or information systems within an enterprise. It can connect to most control systems and intelligent devices because it is open to a variety of interfaces, including Web Service, Database, FTP, and Message Bus.
Provides multiple alert media, including E-mail, Phone, and Simple Message Service, and ensures responsible personnel would receive alarm messages.
Provides sophisticate and flexible alarm and event archiving to ensure all alarm events would be received by right persons in time.
Provides alarm filtering function to avoid unnecessary alarm interference on the personnel
Provides alarm history reports for traceability and auditing