Delta to acquire Unicom

Taipei, Taiwan, November 18, 2016 - Delta Electronics, Inc. (also referred below as “Delta”) announced its Board of Directors has approved today the acquisition of 100% stake in Unicom System Eng. Corp.(also referred below as “Unicom”), thus, Unicom will effectively become Delta’s wholly-owned subsidiary, for a transaction price of around NT$351.015 million. Unicom is one of the leading companies in the field of computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) in Taiwan. Delta expects this acquisition will complement its core system integration capabilities and accelerate its own transition from a components supplier to a provider of total solutions for smart manufacturing.

Ping Cheng, CEO of Delta Electronics, Inc., stated: "In the advent of the Internet of Things era, the manufacturing industry has to move towards intelligent production to meet the changing needs of the market. We can help our customers grasp the market by developing core technologies and systems capable of realizing smart manufacturing. Agile cross-sectoral cooperation that accelerates R&D breakthroughs is essential for such goal. Delta has accumulated experience in automation, hardware design and manufacturing, and software development in the field of power electronics. Combined with Unicom’s automation software development capabilities, customer resources, and rich industry knowledge in various sectors, such as electrical appliances and electronics, photovoltaic panels, automotive and components, and food & beverage, Delta will not only significantly reduce the time and cost to develop its own intelligent manufacturing solutions, but also enable the rapid development of industrial automation core skills, smart automation products and services to meet future manufacturing needs."

Unicom is one of the leading providers of manufacturing execution systems (MES) and production line block control systems (BCS) in Taiwan with long-time dedication to factory management and equipment monitoring software. The company’s technical capability extends from bottom-layer control units, automatic transport system, to upper-layer MES and enterprise resource planning (ERP) interface integration. It is a software vendor who has comprehensive, fully-owned MES and BCS technology and products. The integration between Delta and Unicom is expected to further expand Delta’s industrial automation hardware and software business as it enters the market of smart manufacturing. Unicom shall also leverage Delta’s brand and local sales channels to strengthen its local business.

To fulfill the increasing demands for smart manufacturing, Delta continuously dedicates significant resources to R&D and innovation and has recently launched new industrial robots and related solutions which leverage its own motion drive and control, sensing, machine vision, advanced programmable control technologies to enable high-end automated production equipment and platforms. Coupled with various types of monitoring software, Delta’s factory management solutions offer visualization, remote monitoring and high energy efficiency, enabling customers to enter into a new realm of smart green manufacturing.